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Propane: The perfect fuel for temporary construction heating

Propane: The Perfect Fuel For Temporary Construction Heating

If you’re building in Buffalo or Rochester, the cold will get you sooner or later, making it difficult to keep your materials protected, your people safe, your pipes thawed, and…

Can I throw away an old propane tank?

Can I Throw Away An Old Propane Tank?

Social distancing closed down restaurants in Buffalo and Rochester earlier this year, driving many of us to use our propane outdoor grills more than usual. As a result, you might…

Should I buy or lease my propane tank?

Should I Buy Or Lease My Propane Tank?

A propane tank is a simple piece of equipment – but because it holds high-pressure propane gas, it is critical to maintain it properly and to fix any problems that…

Why is my propane tank hissing?

My Propane Tank Is Hissing! What Do I Do?

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your propane tank, don’t immediately presume you have a propane leak (unless you smell a leak’s telltale rotten egg odor – in…

How can I tell if I have a gas leak, and what should I do if I detect one?

How To Tell If You Have A Gas Leak And What To Do

Propane gas is a safe, effective and efficient fuel for your home heating and home comfort systems. As with any energy source, however, you need to be educated about how…

Severe weather safety for your propane-powered home

Severe Weather Safety For Your Propane-Powered Home

Propane gas enjoys one of the safest track records of any form of home energy – but like any fuel source you need to take precautions when using it, especially…

How much propane will I use this summer?

How Much Propane Will I Use This Summer?

It’s easy to forget how much propane you’re using once temperatures start to rise, since you aren’t running high volume propane appliances like space heaters, furnaces, boilers, or fireplaces. But…

Get out of the house! Outdoor living with propane

Outdoor Living With Propane: Get out of the House!

We’ve all had more than our share of indoor time this year, but that’s sure to change now that Memorial Day is behind us. The good news is we can…

Grilling healthy for Memorial Day

Healthy Grilling Tips For Your Memorial Day

We all know how great food tastes when it’s prepared on a propane grill. But can that great-tasting food also be healthy? You bet it can! Follow these five simple…

Irish Companies: Growing with you

Irish Companies: Growing With You

When Bob Irish looked at gas-powered forklifts in Buffalo, NY back in the early 1960s, he didn’t just see a tool for warehousing– he saw an opportunity for his customers…

The Irish Family of Companies