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Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
Think outside the home: Outdoor uses for propane

Outdoor Uses for Propane: Think Outside The Home

Spring is here – time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining! With a little planning and investment – and a little help from propane gas – you can turn your plain…

How do I check the levels on my propane tank?

How Do I Check My Propane Tank Levels?

If you call in your propane orders rather than relying on automatic propane delivery, the most important job you have is to keep an eye on your propane levels. The…

Irish Companies: Proud to be a MWBE

Irish Companies: Proud to Be a MWBE

For the Irish Companies, the C-Suite should probably be called the W-suite. From our Chairman of the Board and CEO to our COO and CIO, our company is led by…

What kind of propane tank do I need?

What Kind of Propane Tank Do I Need?

A storage tank is the heart of a propane-powered home, and choosing the right one for the job isn’t always as easy a decision as you might think (a big…

Propane safety reminder: Detecting and responding to a propane gas leak

Propane Safety Reminder: Detecting and Responding To A Propane Gas Leak

Propane is a safe, effective and efficient fuel for your home heating and home comfort systems. As with any energy source, however, you need to know how to operate your…

Grilling for the big game: tips for your propane BBQ

Propane BBQ: 6 Tips for Grilling This Super Bowl

If you want to do a Super Bowl party right, nothing says “Big Game” quite like a charbroiled meal hot off your propane grill. But grilling in the winter isn’t…

Propane generator

Keep Your Propane Generator Ready for Action This Winter

Weather has gotten pretty unpredictable these days – and although it has been a relatively mild winter so far, we all know that severe weather can happen can visit the…

2020 New Year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – Irish Propane Edition

Can you believe it’s 2020? Neither can we. But ready or not, a new decade has dawned, and we here at Irish Propane are ready to go with reliable propane…

Propane: The Perfect Restaurant Fuel

If you own (or plan to open) a restaurant in the Rochester or Buffalo, NY area, you know how important it is to keep costs down and customers coming back….

Winter Propane Safety Reminders

Winter is officially upon us, which means you’ll be turning to your propane heating system more than ever in the coming weeks to keep your family safe and warm in…

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